Herbalife Extravaganza South Africa


The Countdown is on

The 2017 African Herbalife Extravaganza is open to All Herbalife Member who purchase an event ticket.

Friday Morning: TAB Team and 2017 AWT Training:
Open to All TAB Team PLUS Any Supervisor who achieve 1000 R/O in one month*
All 2017 AWT Qualifiers as of September Volume Month.

Friday Afternoon:
Open to All Supervisors and above

Qualification period: May 2017 through September 2017 Volume Month

Terms and conditions apply – Click here for promotional rules
*The qualification period is May through September 2017 Volume Months.



The 2017 Extravaganza Qualification Party is open to all Supervisors who accumulate 15,500TVP in three consecutive months
Open to Supervisors who achieve 2,500 TVP in 3 consecutive months* AND:

  • Have at least two personally sponsored non-Supervisors** who achieve 500 PPV in 3 consecutive months* OR
  • Have at least five 2017 ASP Stones***

All 15K President’s Team and above are automatically invited to host the party.

*Qualification period: May – September 2017.
**Requirement of minimum 2500 TVP in 3 consecutive months* is a prerequisite in each Party qualification method.
***All non-Supervisors (even previous MAP qualifiers), who achieve 3×500 PPV in qualification period, are counted as contributing t
o upline Supervisor Party qualification. The 3×500 PPV of contributing Member do not have to be achieved in the same 3 months as 3×2500 TVP of qualifying Supervisor.
****ASP 2017 Qualification: Earn 2,500 Total Volume Points in each of 3 consecutive months (May 2016 – September 2017). For each Active Supervisor in your Downline, qualified in the same 3 months as yourself, you will be awarded a Stone in your pin. Blocking rules apply , please see the terms and conditions, including blocking rules example for the ASP 2017.
Note: To attend the party you need to purchase the Extravaganza ticket. Your Spouse/Partner will need to have an Extravaganza ticket as well (even if they only plan to attend the Party).

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